URL URL links are automatically pushed to Baidu Spider's online tool in batches

URL URL link automatic batch push tool introduction

1. Upgraded Baidu Push to remove the official https source files that are completely invalid.

2. Added a good search 360 automatic push interface, so that your website enjoys the same preferential treatment as 360kuai.com.

3. Successfully pushed URLs do not mean that they can be included 100%. Whether they are included depends on the quality of the page.

4. This tool can be used with other push tools such as sitemap, real-time push, Baidu ping, etc.

5. For friends who need to push a large number of URLs, such as pan directories or station groups, it is recommended to push once a day for better results.

http://www.v5tima.com/ https://www.baidu.com/ https://www.163.com/ https://www.toutiao.com/ https://www.sina.com.cn/ http://www.china.com.cn/ http://www.bjnews.com.cn/ https://www.chinanews.com/ http://tv.cctv.com/ http://cn.chinadaily.com.cn/ https://www.huanqiu.com/ http://news.sohu.com/ http://www.cankaoxiaoxi.com/