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What makes a successful webmaster

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

When seeing this title, many friends will laugh and say, I feel like this webmaster is quite successful. Yes, you are a webmaster, but in my case you may not be a successful webmaster. You rely too much on the instant traffic caused by the so-called seo contention. The real economic benefits of online entrepreneurship mainly come from users, so Your kind cannot be called a real online entrepreneurship. Real online entrepreneurs need to have a lot of characteristics. Let ’s take a look.

1. They look far away, have very strong imagination, and can show the social situation in a few years. Take the largest Chinese mailbox NetEase, its founder should have basically realized where e-mail is today before developing it. After gaining the hegemony of the mailbox, he began to enter the online games (talking westward), the news and other fields with a purpose, and finally became a big dominator on the Chinese Internet.

Second, good at observation and careful discovery. In fact, the market is everywhere, just waiting for everyone to discover it. Like 51 Group, its founder found that many big buyers, namely group purchase organizations, did not have time to choose products carefully through subtle observations. Therefore, 51 Group is a new market under modern fast-paced life. . What impressed me most about this type of site was a website called Xiao Er Pao Er in Guangdong, whose founder only had junior high school culture. He is a migrant worker, but with his keen eyes he found a fresh market and ran a leg for others. Indeed, in the bustling metropolis, people have to stand in long queues to buy things and have to wait a few hours to pay utility bills. This is a complete waste of time for those wage earners, so he thought of using them In exchange for working people's money, I set up a second errand net to do these things for others. I went to see it last time, and the development situation is still very good. Nowadays, pediatric errand websites have appeared in many cities. One of the more famous is a pediatric errand website in Yinchuan.

Third, we must have the spirit of perseverance, hard work, and everyone knows that it takes a lot of effort to make a website well. Now, the basic portrait of a grassroots webmaster is that he sleeps later than a dog and rises better than a chicken Early on, many people got tired and flinched and surrendered. At the Xiamen Webmasters Conference, there were n’t many big names in the industry. Did they succeed for many years?

Fourth, have the ability to guide people and mutate people's habits. The best manifestation of this ability is Mr. Ma Huateng of Teng Xun. I do n’t see him. There are a few netizens who do n’t know QQ, and even the netizens who first started surfing the Internet know QQ chat. Is QQ the first communication product? No, there were web chats and e-mails at the time, but now QQ in China is synonymous with web chats, becoming one of the most influential products and changing some people's habits. Even in the United States, where information is relatively developed, msn has not achieved such an impact in China.

Fifth, execution must be strong. For an entrepreneurial webmaster, execution is very important, because it is a necessary way to complete the purpose of the entrepreneur, otherwise everything is a nonsense, and entrepreneurship cannot be successful.

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