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Mobile website optimization will become a new hot spot in future Internet marketing

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Traditional website optimization is now almost a grey dead end. The continuous update of domestic search engines and the shift of search engine focus have made it more and more difficult to optimize web sites, especially Baidu. It was mentioned that they will increase their efforts to develop the mobile search field in the next few years, so the traditional search engine concept will gradually blur, and the focus will be shifted to new applications of the mobile Internet.

Therefore, the road of website optimization should also change with the changes in the Internet situation. SEOERs should launch their mobile version or mobile client as soon as possible to meet the development needs of mobile search engines in the future. Relying solely on search engines to get traffic, but we can't deny that search engines are an important part of website traffic, so the transition to mobile Internet is imminent.

Yesterday Baidu issued 1.5 billion bonds, the purpose is to absorb more funds for further investment, a large part of which flows to mobile Internet applications. From this we can easily see the determination of Baidu to enter the mobile Internet.

With the popularity of WeChat and the opening of the O2O market, more and more investors have now abandoned traditional Internet investments and switched to mobile internet. This may be unfortunate news for SEOER, but for truly technical seoer In terms of speaking, it is a good thing, because the SEO optimization of the mobile Internet is still blank, which requires us to discover and summarize more SEO skills and methods. No one has a foundation and fair competition from scratch.

[Mobile website optimization will become a new hot spot in future Internet marketing]

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