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Senior student makes a creative website and earns 12,000 in the first month

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Now more and more college students choose Internet entrepreneurship, there are success cases and failure cases. 网站建设 提供商低很多,这也只能怪他没有早点儿接触“友软科技”,现在他的网站外包及托管工作已经交给了我们,所以我们也正面了解了一下他的故事。 Of course, Internet venture capital is rarely effective, so failure is not worth analyzing. Most of the failure is to start from scratch, but the successful case is worth studying. The following case is a college student making a creative e-commerce website for the first month. You can analyze the case of 12,000. Of course, his investment is still relatively high, because the website from us must be much lower than which website construction provider he chose at the time , which can only be No wonder he didn't get in touch with "Yousoft Technology" earlier. Now his website outsourcing and hosting work has been handed over to us, so we also got to know his story positively.

A senior student who did not get a college diploma 5 years ago is now a small boss with two branches. In the past five years, with twists and turns, his hand-painted T-shirts and hand-painted shoes were wholesaled to Hong Kong, China, France, and the United States via the Internet.
6000 yuan to start a business road <br /> Li Wen, born in 1983, is a university major in finance at Jiangxi University of Finance and Economics. Li Wen's opening remarks are like the introduction of a college student during the interview. He likes to read books, travel, and make friends, but he hates mathematics courses in college. The direct consequence is that he can't get a diploma. In this regard, Li Wen never cared.
"Because I like it, I choose." Li Wen answered the reason for his own business. After graduating from Li Wen, he worked in Shanghai for more than a year. In Shanghai, he saw that someone wore a T-shirt with a line drawing of "Three British and Lu Bu". Later, the advertisement of clothing online distributor PPG inspired Li Wen to start his own business. He felt, "If it is a personalized clothing website that specializes in customizing and selling personalized T-shirts, it should be very promising."
Li Wen used the 6000 yuan he accumulated to start the road to entrepreneurship. He found two partners, namely junior high school and high school classmates, with good feelings and mutual understanding. The only thing that makes Li Wen distressed is that his parents do n’t support it. "They do n’t understand e-commerce and online shopping. They feel that computers are just playing games and are not doing business." Li Wen ’s parents hope he finds an “iron rice bowl.” jobs.
However, the pressure at home did not make Li Wen think of giving up. Three people and two computers completed sales of 30,000 yuan in a month in June 2006, with a net profit of 12,000 yuan. "We were full of confidence and felt that there would definitely be investors rushing to invest in us, so I wrote a business plan and started the process of pulling investment." Li Wen began to look forward to a better future.
"Dream cannot be relied upon in reality." When dreams are reflected in reality, you will find that the dreams reflected in reality are so ethereal and unreliable. "After contacting several potential investors, Li Wen ’s confidence began to collapse. Not only do investors not invest in this "squeezed" "post-80s", but also the door to bank loans is closed for such non-asset and unsecured customers.
At this time, Li Wen, who lacked capital investment, again encountered operational problems. Since it was only the student class service market at the beginning, the single operation of the product led to a significant seasonality in sales.In June, it was able to get 30,000 yuan in revenue, but in July it plummeted to 5,000 yuan. By August, sales had been very low. Light, the company's profits were quickly exhausted.
The house leak happened to be rainy, and the other two members of the entrepreneurial team also chose to leave because of family pressure. Li Wen became the "bright pole commander".
Li Wen is deeply helpless about the reality, but for the business model in his heart, Li Wen has not lost his confidence and hope. He adhered to Nanchang. "In 2007, for a whole year, I used my expertise in film and television to be a freelance supporter. I ’m constantly looking for information to enrich and improve the business model. "
After Dongshan rises again, enter the "fast lane"
Li Wen, who had been "latent" for more than a year, finally made a comeback at the end of 2007. This time, he encountered a man who would be grateful for his life, a brother sleeping in the dormitory in the university dormitory-Li Wenlong. Li Wenlong once did foreign trade mold business in Shenzhen and earned the "first bucket of gold" in his life. By accident, Li Wenlong came to Li Wen's residence and saw the business plan left on his computer desktop. Li Wenlong was "very interested" in Li Wen's business model. He resolutely decided to give up the potential 200,000 yuan in dividends in Shenzhen Foreign Trade Company and partner with Li Wen to "second venture".
Due to the lack of technical experience, the two brothers brought in Xie Longlin, who has many years of operating experience in the clothing hot dyeing industry, to join in the shares, and the new entrepreneurial team was completed. On April 8, 2008, Nanchang NoStyle Industrial Co., Ltd. was formally registered with a registered capital of 500,000 yuan and an initial investment of 100,000 yuan.
With the establishment of the new company, Li Wen had the capital and decided to do something. This time, Li Wen's products not only cover a variety of hand-painted and printed T-shirts, but also include a variety of creative hand-painted shoes. For the "post-80s" and "post-90s" pursuit of individuality, the market prospects are intolerable doubt.
However, shopping malls, such as battlefields, cannot tolerate a bit of "brain heat", and Li Wen, who lacks experience, has made mistakes again. In order to pursue perfection, Li Wen spent too much money in some unnecessary places, such as buying servers, SLR cameras, building professional studios, and opening 400 toll-free telephones.Each item was expensive, which allowed the company's cash flow. Quickly on the verge of crisis.
Li Wen decided to change the company's operating model to a B2B platform that is relatively mature and has a certain number of people. This time, Li Wen's Northdale finally entered the "fast lane."
"My company can go public"
Li Wen's company has made breakthrough progress, the company's network traffic is rising steadily, and the country's agency customers have doubled.Chinese overseas Chinese in Hong Kong, China, France, the United States and other places are also optimistic about Li Wen's products.The company's orders are usually lined up A few months later.
In 2009, Northdale's total revenue exceeded 1 million yuan; in March 2010, Jiangxi Ganzhou Nankang Branch was established.
At present Li Wen is in contact with venture capitalists. He hopes that with the help of venture capital, the company can achieve faster development. He believes that "the development of e-commerce has not allowed them to rely on their own accumulation to develop slowly", he must rely on the power of capital, "stand on the shoulders of giants", and he needs the capital, contacts and management experience brought by venture capital . Li Wen told reporters confidently and frankly, "My company can go public."
"Entrepreneurship is a reversal drama. No one can guess the result until the end." In Li Wen's self-directed life film, he is the man in this "reversal drama".

[A senior student makes a creative website with a net profit of 12,000 in the first month] Content statement

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