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cf333 search index climbed

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

The search index for the keyword "CF333" has been climbing all the way, from around 3000 in the previous few days to more than 10,000 today. The tool refreshes the index of this keyword.

What is the use of the index of the word "cf333"? I think webmasters and SEOERs will surely understand that it is nothing more than This website wants to increase the Baidu weight of the website through this method, because they search the word In the first place, in this way, if the word Baidu index continues to rise, their Baidu index will continue to increase.

Moreover, it is not difficult to see from the website that the shared data of their website is also brushed out through the hanging brush tool, which is not real data. The effect of Baidu sharing on website optimization has not been directly related, so sharing Baidu on the website The increase in ranking is not necessarily related.

For some websites with lower Baidu weight, I suggest that you take this opportunity to quickly optimize the word cf333, because the competition is not very large this time, but the index is very high, you can quickly increase the Baidu weight of your website in a short time .

[Cf333 search index climbed all the way]

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