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How to keep Baidu spiders from crawling your website

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Everyone knows that when doing online promotion, especially on corporate websites, if you can have a good ranking of relevant keywords in the search engine, it will definitely increase profits for the company and improve the competitiveness of the brand. Therefore, search engine optimization appears It is especially important. The first step in search engine optimization is to allow spiders to update your website every day. Only by updating the snapshots every day will you have a chance to rank well. If your website is not updated by Baidu for a long time, I might as well try the following methods. At least I tried it myself. At least 3 days. I did n’t do it myself because I kept trying and finally chose the method that suits me best. The snapshot of this website that I took over was the snapshot of last year, which is 2008. Is it horrible? This website has been in use for 2 years and has not been updated since the day it was made, so I think the spider has taken this site as a dead site. , That is, your content has not changed after the spider has visited N times. The spider has become discouraged and has decided not to crawl again unless your website is updated and you must tell the spider website that it has been renewed through various methods. Has been a new person, no longer as before. So there are two things we need to do. One is to keep updating the website every day, and the other is to make an external link to allow spiders to follow the external link.
Before updating the website, you need to change the website title and keywords. When I received it, I found that the name of this website is the name of the company, which is just a company name, which is very bad for optimization. Then I changed it to a 28-character title. Considering that Baidu showed that the title range was 28 Chinese characters, and Google was 36 Chinese characters, I chose 28 characters, and the title contained the primary and secondary keywords. , Grouped together by vertical bars. The keyword column reasonably appears in the keyword column, and the word count also shows the range that Baidu can normally display. After the title and keywords are set, it is followed by the update. Because it has not been updated for a long time, only 10 industry news are updated daily. It is best to be original. It is impossible to come up with originals and make fake originals. Update 10 at the same time every day. Articles.
Then there is the problem of the external link. You just do n’t know that the spider updates you because you have deeply hurt her heart. You have to let her know through various methods, so you need to add backlinks. I receive At the time, there were only a few backlinks on the website. After three days, the number of backlinks was close to 500. At the beginning, it was better not to have too many backlinks. The excessive enthusiasm of the spider was also offensive. How to increase backlinks? I believe that everyone should know something. If there are more backlinks, it will be easier to improve Google ’s keyword ranking. I will share with you how to achieve 500 backlinks in 3 days.
The first is friendship links. Where to find friendship links? That's easy, go to the webmaster forum, and then look for the latest soliciting connection posts, after you remember to leave your website and contact information, why? Because there are people like you who are looking for Connect, if you leave one more post, then the exposure will increase, and there will be more people who find you. There is also a benefit, adding backlinks, killing two birds with one stone, what a good thing, right? Stick to it every day, Every day someone links you and the number of backlinks every day is growing. This is one way.
Another is to post and follow forums with higher weights, such as webmaster forums. Many of the weights are quite high. What we have to do is add the signature to the URL, and then take down the sofa bench. This is not Difficult. There is a new post in the forum. I don't feel that it is very difficult to operate by myself. At least the bench won't matter at all. This method is also very obvious to increase backlinks, do not believe you also try? Who tries who knows.
The last is the blog link, which is to post industry news related to your website, and then add a line to leave your own URL after you have marked the copyright. If your blog is constantly updated every day, this method adds the same backlinks. Obviously, if your blog's weight is not very high, it doesn't matter, keep updating it for a period of time, the weight will come up, remember to update this blog tomorrow, it will be useful for a long time.
I received this website for 3 days. I only used these three methods. Baidu reverse links from a few to nearly 500. The special explanation here is that although there are only 3 methods, I perform them in place every day. Nothing is ambiguous. I think execution is very important in online promotion. Of course, there are many ways to increase backlinks, such as soft text promotion. This effect is more obvious than the above methods. There are also Baidu related websites such as Encyclopedia, Baidu Space, Baidu Know, etc., and leave their own with appropriate methods URL, the spider will be very happy to climb down to your website along the way. Through these 3 days of hard work, the result is that Baidu started to update my website. The snapshot is within 24 hours, and the keywords are hovering on page 2 or 3. , And Google ’s related keywords have been ranked on page 1. Although it is not a big achievement, at least it is an improvement over the previous one. This is only a small improvement. We still have a lot of work to do, many things to do, and we work together. Learn together and make progress together.

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