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Thinkphp two open news release system source code

Posted: 2020-01-18T22: 50: 30 Content source: UR website

Thinkphp two open news release system source code

I believe you have seen a lot of news and information websites, especially the news portal website source code of Dream Weaving Program is everywhere. Today, I want to share this set of source code is a news information release system developed using Thinkphp. The reason is to share This source is because I like thinkPHP's openness. Everyone knows that many powerful source codes on the Internet have been developed through this program. For example, the former virtual currency trading disk, micro-disk trading, and dual-type financial management system. It is because of his openness that the potential is infinite. What I found today is only a relatively simple source code of a news release system, but friends who need it can develop a more powerful system on this basis.

Build the source code is very simple, directly decompress and upload the source code to a virtual host or server that supports PHP, visit your own website, follow the prompts to complete the installation step by step, import the database backup file news.sql to your own database, and then visit The website can be used normally. The default management background and account password are both admin (if it is incorrect, you can directly change the administrator password to the MySql control panel, and the encryption method is MD5)

Download source code:

[Source code of Thinkphp's news release system] Content declaration

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