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Chinese garbled subtitles watch online

Posted: 2020-01-11T18: 12: 12 Content source: UR website

At first glance, I believe that many people don't know what this article intends to write, right? In fact, I wrote this article just to analyze the user needs of these two keywords, because when analyzing the popular keywords of Baidu recently, I found that two keywords are related to film and television, but they have no substantial meaning and are not related Matching news, etc., so curious what are the user needs for these two popular keywords?


The keyword "Chinese garbled subtitles online viewing" began in November 2019. When the editor published this article, the Baidu search index has been as high as 22,000, but when I opened Baidu search for "Chinese garbled subtitles online viewing", I saw Less than a related webpage, that is, the title that is really red when there is no webpage in the search results, only a few fuzzy matching webpages are video related webpages, there are Tencent Video, Sohu Video, and Baidu's good-looking videos Wait, but why is there such a large search index? If you are interested, you can analyze it, and please feel free to communicate with me through the comment box below.

Let ’s take a look at the “High-definition video in one district, two districts and three districts”, which is the same. Baidu ’s search index is as high as 20,000, which means that more than 20,000 people search for such a keyword every day. The focus is on searching. I don't see a related webpage after that, so why do people search like this? At first it seemed that there was an app called this name, but after checking it through other search engines, I didn't find an app with a similar name.

Anyway, judging from the positioning of these two keywords, users are definitely required to search for keywords related to video. Maybe these keywords are related to some video software. At the end of the article, I recommend it to everyone A very good website for watching VIP videos on the entire network for free. I hope that it will help some users who have video viewing needs. This website can retrieve VIP movie resources on the entire network for free, and they can all be played for free, no need to spend You can watch VIP film and television resources of major video networks for a penny. The URL is: If you have any good film and television tools, please share with me.


I originally intended to stop writing here, but suddenly I have an idea. Are you saying that these keywords are certain rich video sites that intentionally brush the Baidu index to increase the weight of the website on the third-party webmaster tools? After all, those big video sites can bring up a lot of indexes on their own web pages or apps.

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