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Decoration company's responsive website source code with mobile version and applet

Posted: 2020-01-07T20: 43: 24 Content source: UR website

Decoration company's responsive website source code with mobile version and applet

Today I share with you a very good source code of the responsive website of the decoration company. The source code comes with a mobile version and an applet. The mobile version accesses Lu Jin is / m / and the applet access path is / xapp /. This set of source code is The dream weaving dede program is developed, so I don't need to introduce it to you for installation and use, and you won't install the Internet to search for the dream weaving installation tutorial.

In order to reduce the size of the source code, the static document files in the html directory have been deleted, so direct access after decompressing and uploading the source code may result in a 404 error. First install the program and log in to the background. After logging in, restore the data. After the data is restored, use the recovered data. Administrator account password: admin re-login to the background, after setting the website name and basic information in the system settings, regenerate the homepage of the website + all static files, and you can access it normally after the generation is complete.

Our website is not the focus. The focus is how to get a lot of accurate customer traffic after the website is done. In a few days, we will talk about how to optimize the website of the decoration company!

1. Regional planning

This is more important, because most of the decoration companies are of a territorial nature, and it is impossible for customers to decorate their own houses to find a decoration company across the city to do their own decoration, so the area of the decoration service The attribute is very obvious. This is also the main reason why decoration and decoration companies need to add regions when doing website ranking optimization. Therefore, we should plan our service area before the website is officially promoted. If our company is large, There are service outlets in multiple cities. You can consider making several sub-sites. In this way, each sub-site only optimizes the regional keywords of the area to which it belongs. It is easy to optimize the keywords to the corresponding search engine search result home page location. .

2. Peer brand word optimization

The decoration industry is also a relatively special industry. In this industry, sometimes a well-known decoration company in a certain area may search more on the search engine than the number of people searching for decoration keywords. So we can consider optimizing the peers in this area. Brand keywords, enthusiasm to grab business, although a bit immoral, but this is also the usual start of many decoration companies, especially the type of decoration company that often advertises on local radio and television stations, it is necessary to go through the search Engine optimization, so that when consumers search for the brand names of these companies, they can see us in a higher position in the search results, and can also bring many prospective customers.

3. Decoration knowledge sharing

According to the cases of some decoration companies that have been optimized and promoted by UR website, it is common to share some practical knowledge about decoration on the website of decoration companies. Both can be recorded if it can be recorded as a small video. Such sharing will slowly accumulate. Most potential users, especially when your website ranks well, often share some very useful decoration knowledge on the website, and then guide users to follow your WeChat public account or add QQ, etc. through this article. Potential customers who haven't renovated will look at you because of your wonderful content, and will be very happy to follow you, so when they want to renovate, they must first think of consulting you.

Well, while sharing a source code, I will also share with you the decoration and decoration company's website optimization techniques. I also hope that everyone can make a very good ranking for your website. Of course, if you ca n’t do it, you can also contact UR website For keyword ranking optimization, UR website is a real seo pay service provider. It will not charge any fees before the keyword optimization is searched on the search engine search results homepage. Source download link, friends in need quickly download it!

Download address: Responsive source code

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