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News website source code facilitates ranking of three-in-one information station

Posted: 2019-12-31T22: 14: 10 Content source: UR website

News website source code facilitates ranking of three-in-one information station

I have done a lot of news and information type websites. In the end, I found that the news station is still the most suitable for the dream weaving program, because the dream weaving program can use many collection plug-ins, such as: Collection Xia By original). What's more, the experience in recent years tells me that the best news portal style for a news website is better. If you don't understand what is a good news portal, you can see the layout of Xinhua, China, and ZF websites by yourself. Maybe search engines prefer to recommend this format of news as a news source.

This set of source code shared today is a set of standard news site layout style weaving dream source code programs. Xiaobian has deleted all existing Trojan backdoor code in the source code. If you are not sure, download it and scan it with a D shield. After all, there are more loopholes in the dream program, so you have to do a good job in security protection.

Here's how to use the source code:

The first step: extract the source code and upload it to the server, and then run / install / to install the dream weaving program. This step should not be introduced. Almost all webmasters will use it. After the operation, follow the prompts step by step.

Step 2: Do n’t rush to visit the homepage after the source code of the website is successfully installed, because various errors may occur at this time. After the installation is complete, log in to the website background first. Just name it. Use the administrator account password created during your installation to log in to the website management background, and then fill in the basic information of the website in the system settings to save the settings. After saving, you can restore the database content in the background data recovery. After the database is restored, you install the process. The administrator account password created in will be reset to admin

After the data recovery is completed, the program will automatically prompt you to log in to the background again. Use the account password admin to log in to the background and change the account password to your own password. Then, under the content generation function, generate the website homepage + all generations. At this point, all static content can be accessed normally.

Step 3: Add content to your news site, or set collection rules and start collecting content. A three-in-one news website is complete. I wish you an early access to search engine news sources and build your own news platform.

Download source code: Three-in-one news website source code

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