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Douyin fast hand short video operation training enterprise website source code

Posted: 2019-12-28T13: 12: 30 Content source: UR website

Douyin fast hand short video operation training enterprise website source code

The popularity of the mobile Internet is the biggest group of influencers. In the era of the mobile Internet, people ’s content needs have become more and more "lazy". Any information that can be obtained through video is unwilling to read and find. This is also a short video. One of the main reasons that can get more and more hot, even if you are watching the news, now everyone is also inclined to video-type news content, because you do n’t need to read a word yourself to understand the entire event development process of news.

Just as there are people doing online marketing training in the PC Internet era, the training industry will naturally appear in the industry that makes money, because there are always more people who want to make money through this industry, so there is a short video operation training company. Appeared, this set of source code shared today is a H5 multi-terminal adaptation source code that is very suitable for short video operation training enterprises to build official websites. The source code is asp language + access database, so it is relatively simple to set up, only a virtual host for windows system is required After uploading the source code, just upload it.

The default management background of the website is / admin / The default administrator account is admin and the default administrator password is admin888. When you go online, please change your account password. If the background folder has been renamed, please use the "Basic" in the background Fill in the new background folder name in "Settings"-> "Website Parameter Settings", otherwise an error will occur during login.

Download: Source of short video training company website

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