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WeChat qq avatar picture _ with boys and girls avatar classification

Posted: 2019-12-20T09: 58: 40 Content source: UR website

WeChat qq avatar picture _ with boys and girls avatar classification

This set of source code shared today is a WeChat qq avatar picture website that does not require a database and no background. The avatar picture contains categories of pictures of boys, girls and couples, black and white avatars, etc. The picture content is automatically collected from each qq number And WeChat, it has high value, and it is very simple to set up. It can be directly supported by a php virtual host. No installation is needed. Unzip the package directly, upload the source code to your own virtual host, and bind the independent domain name. After that, it can be accessed normally, isn't it easy?

The excellent source code shared on this site is safe and non-toxic. You can rest assured to use it. When using the freely shared source code on the Internet, it is recommended that you scan it with a D shield, because many free source code on the Internet have many backdoor Trojan horse programs. It is more assured to use after scanning with the D shield. If there are a large number of backdoor Trojans and they will not be removed by yourself, it is recommended not to use them.

The source code of this WeChat qq avatar picture website has only two php files, so the space requirements are also very small. A few hundred MB of virtual hosting is completely sufficient. Friends who want to be a avatar picture website, quickly download it.

Source download address: WeChat qq avatar picture network source code

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