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Luo Fei Movies & TV-An app that can watch VIP movie and TV resources for free

Posted: 2019-12-09T17: 29: 20 Content source: UR website

With the changes in the Internet environment in the past year or so (of course, this change is not clear in a sentence or two), China ’s Internet resource sharing has been much worse than before. I believe everyone can feel the specific performance. Ten years ago, we Looking for a variety of tools, movies, software, etc. through the Internet can find your favorite, free resources, but now it is different. Now you have basically found it impossible to find resources through the Internet. I personally feel that the biggest problem is in the search engine, because most people search for information through the search engine, but in recent years, major search engines have been trying to achieve closed-loop traffic. The ability to collect and search external resources is much worse than before, so I searched for a long time to find such an excellent tool, I dare not enjoy it alone, and hurriedly took it out and shared it with everyone.

However, I guess that such shared content may not be displayed. After all, this is the current status of the Internet, and good things may not be shared. Let ’s go ahead. I ’ll publish them first. It ’s best to show them. I wasted time talking to myself.


Love Films icon

The above is the software icon, which is still pretty good. The active function in the software is the whole network VIP video resource search and viewing service. The searched resource can be played online directly by clicking it. The wifi environment can also tell the cache, anyway I searched for several of the latest cinema movies, all of which have high-definition, smooth viewing, no stuttering, and the software interface is very clean, except for a rolling announcement content, I did not watch To any advertising content that affects video viewing, this is also the main reason I have to recommend this software.

I won't go into details about the function. Just take a few screenshots of the interface and let us know.


This is a screenshot of the homepage


This is the search results page


Luofei film and television video playback page


Luofei film and television webcast page

I have to insert a word here, the webcast is doing a great job. It not only includes the traditional TV live broadcast (currently there are fewer TV stations), but the biggest highlight is the addition of panoramic VR in some scenic spots, which really lets you on your mobile phone. You can see the appearance of the entire scenic spot, as well as the live broadcast of some real-time monitoring videos in the scenic spot. This should be the resource of the CCTV called because the CCTV logo is on the live broadcast screen. The screenshot above is the effect of panoramic VR in the scenic area. It can be zoomed by dragging with two fingers, or you can click on a scenic spot to enter the interior for viewing. It is indeed very practical.


Headlines are always clean and ad-free


Wonderful video (preferred news)

In the end, I almost forgot to say the download link, but now the painful problem is coming. After I put the download link, it will definitely be blocked by the review editor. What should I do? Forget it, do n’t let it go, can you guys Find the fate, anyway, I have done my best, anyway, the address on the top software icon before I posted can be downloaded, but I do n’t know if it can be downloaded in the future. If that address cannot be downloaded, you have to find a way . By the way, in addition, this software does not have an ios version and does not support Apple phones. At this moment I am proud of using Android system. After all, there are too many Android-based software.

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