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Brush Taobao shop Jingdong Pinduoduo APP e-commerce traffic platform

Posted: 2019-10-13T18: 15: 04 Source: UR website

What I want to recommend to you today is a very good tool to increase the traffic and popularity of e-commerce platforms such as Taobao,, Pinduoduo, etc., which can quickly increase your store's popularity, improve product rankings , and quickly bring a large number of customers to truly achieve a short period of time. Profitable e-commerce platform operation assistant.

Everyone knows that most of the e-commerce platforms, including but not limited to Taobao, Tmall,, and Pinduoduo, will make products based on the number of times the product has been purchased, the number of collections, and the number of times the product has been searched and viewed. A comprehensive ranking. Generally, the higher these indicators are, the higher the ranking. Of course, the premise is that your product title should be related to the keywords searched by users.

At present, there are many such traffic assistance platforms to increase store popularity and e-commerce platform product rankings. There are also some companies that specialize in taking such orders. In fact, the cost is relatively high. Some companies help businesses to order an order for several dozens of dollars. Fees, it may cost thousands or even tens of thousands of traffic costs to get your product ranked well. This platform recommended to everyone today is a very cost-effective e-commerce traffic assistance platform.

Portal: Click here to enter the e-commerce traffic promotion auxiliary platform

This page is actually another e-commerce traffic platform recommended to you before, but someone on this platform specifically found me and said that we do n’t need our help to promote it, and also strongly asked us to cancel it, so I found a better and more stable price / performance ratio for everyone. High e-commerce traffic platform.


The above pictures are the e-commerce traffic platform that was promoted before. People deliberately asked me to cancel the promotion, so I keep a chat history here, so you better save the traffic platform above, lest you find it someday.

Of course, if you also find a better e-commerce flow promotion auxiliary platform, you can also communicate with me here, hoping to help more e-commerce operators find good auxiliary tools and quickly improve the monetization ability of your store. After all, in the field of e-commerce operations, there is a saying that is very good: "ten shops in nine stores, and one in wholesale", so operating an e-commerce platform without flashing traffic is really difficult to become bigger and stronger because others Brushing.

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