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It's better to do the bidding by doing the word demon screen seo promotion by day

Posted: 2019-06-11T18: 19: 57 Source of content: UR website

In recent years, there have been many seo promotion systems for website keyword rankings . This kind of system has a great advantage when it first appeared, and the price is not high, and many websites help you promote products, and then deduct them by day Fees, the effect is still quite significant, but after May 2019, such systems can basically be said to be obsolete, why do you say so? I'll analyze it for everyone below.


1. The natural ranking is too different, and the deduction by day is completely a pit.

After Baidu arrived in May 2019, basically every computer searches for the same keyword and sees completely different results, but those SEO promotion systems of Wanzibaping are based on the rankings queried by the server where the system is located. To deduct, that is to say, only his computer in the country can see your ranking will deduct, so this counts, even if you deduct a dime a day, it does not make any sense, because I can see you The ranking is just that machine, your potential customers can't see you at all.


2. Baidu has more and more online products, and users have more choices.

In 2019, Baidu also successively launched a lot of natural ranking traffic monetization services, including but not limited to love purchases, applets, and so on. Applets are free to access and have their own ranking advantages. As long as there are a few people in the company who know the Internet a little Employees, they can let them spend hundreds of yuan to make some Baidu applets for the enterprise, each applet has a different name, and try to include the main keywords of its product or service in the name. Once the applet is online, it is easy to get a very good ranking on the mobile terminal. You can go to the Baidu Mini Program: . A small program can cost hundreds of dollars. Fill in the FTP permissions of your server and the domain name that you have registered. One-click deployment.

Let's talk about Baidu's love procurement. Baidu's love procurement cooperates with many b2b platforms. These b2b platforms that have settled in Baidu love procurement are charged on an annual basis with customers. Generally, it may be about 5000-8000 a year. The prices of each platform are also different. In this way, the company only needs to hire an online editor, and then purchase the b2b platform members who are stationed in iProcurement, and continuously publish product information in the member center. These published product information will have the opportunity to It is displayed in Baidu's purchase, and there is also a chance to display it directly in the search results page of Baidu. Compared with those seo promotion systems that have a million word tyrants, it may be more cost-effective, but it is only limited to members who joined early. More and more, it is estimated that there will be no advantage in purchasing. After all, there is more and more information, and the chance that others can see you is smaller and smaller.


3, seo deducted by day

Anyone who has agent or developed a seo deduction system by day knows that this deduction system by day can manually change the ranking, but as a customer, it is generally impossible to stare at the ranking every day, such as one day system monitoring If you ca n’t find the ranking, then there is no deduction on this day, but these companies that charge by seo by day will basically manually change the ranking in the background to allow the system to deduct the fees normally, and when customers view the ranking monitoring report at the end of the month I also see the revised rankings , so there is not much reference value, which is why many customers who monitor their website rankings do not use it after using a one-day deduction system, because those customers who monitor their rankings will find this. Problem, obviously there is no ranking, but the system deducts fees every day.


The above is just a point of view after I used and represented these Wanzi Baping seo to promote the deduction system on a daily basis, and did not target a certain company or a certain product. After all, we have once acted as an agent for this product, but the customer response is widespread Poor, it was later withdrawn, so when you choose these Megaword seo promotion systems, you better measure these issues I mentioned above, lest you spend money without any effect, I personally feel that the search engine ranking To promote this, it is better to analyze some valuable keywords by yourself, and then find the kind of " seo pays for " service providers, and let them do these keywords that you specify, so the long tail keys brought by you I do n’t charge for words. I only pay monthly for the words you specify on the homepage. You can use the monitoring tool to automatically monitor the keyword rankings. If you accumulate less than 25 days on the Baidu homepage every month, you do n’t need to pay. There is no routine for ranking maintenance.

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