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Factors Influencing Website Baidu Ranking from p Station

Posted: 2018-11-03T22: 35: 36 Source: UR website

Speaking of station p, everyone is definitely not too strange. Although station p may not be as popular as station b and station d, it is also one of the favorite sites of some second-generation niche groups, but it seems that it often fails to open. And the inaccessible status may be blocked by GFW, or it may be a problem with the website ’s own server, but these are not the focus of our discussion today. Our focus today is to discuss the Baidu snapshot from the p site to analyze the current impact on the website. There are several important factors in Baidu ranking, and this is also an analysis method that seo practitioners must learn.


We search for the keyword "p station" through Baidu, and you will find that in the Baidu snapshot of p station, there are the Chinese characters "p station!" At the front of the title, but everyone knows that the default open state of p station is Japanese. Version, although there is a language switching button on the webpage to switch to Simplified Chinese, the URL of Simplified Chinese is not the default homepage URL. The title of the default homepage URL (that is, the title tag) is all Japanese, without a Chinese character, then How did this "p-site" come from Baidu's snapshot?


In fact, this strange snapshot inconsistency has started to appear since the beginning of 2018. Many people have not paid attention to this problem. In the second half of 2018, this phenomenon is becoming more and more frequent. Many official websites with high brand awareness, you are searching When it comes to brand names, the title of the official website seen in the Baidu snapshot may only be the brand name, but after you open the official website, you will find that the title of the official website is not only the brand word. There are many seos in which the real title of the website is not consistent with the snapshot title. The novice thinks that Baidu thinks that the intervention is actually not the case. This is an algorithm in Baidu's algorithm. After comprehensive analysis based on user preferences and user attention, he adds specific text to the website's snapshot title or directly changes it. A method of snapshotting the title is to let users know "this page may be the page you need to find"

Just like the p-site mentioned above, if you are a person who has never heard of p-site, you search for p-site, and the title of the website snapshot displayed in the first place is all in Japanese, you will feel that Baidu is not stupid Now, I clearly searched in Chinese, how did he display a Japanese website, so the program algorithm at this time analyzed the data from many user search habits and user preferences to find that the Japanese website was the "p station" that the user wanted to find. Intentionally added the word "p station!" To the snapshot title.


Of course, the analysis has not ended here, because this inconsistency between the snapshot title and the website title does not only appear on the brand keywords, so we have to continue to research and analyze.

When we search for the keyword "this article link" on Baidu, you will find some snapshots with the words "this article link-" before the title of the snapshot, and then when you open these snapshot pages to view, you find The titles of these web pages do not contain this word. How did the “link to this article” appear in the snapshot title?

If we assume that the above program algorithm exists and is reasonable, then is the explanation linked to this article a bit far-fetched? So this leads to a new problem. After analyzing and comparing a large number of similar keyword phenomena, one of the most convincing conclusions is finally reached, that is, there should be some algorithms in Baidu's algorithm that will convert a plain text URL The text in front of the link is recognized as anchor text, and this recognition is weighted to a certain extent, that is, when you leave the text in this format on a web page:

Website optimization:

Baidu's program will recognize "website optimization" as the keyword of the URL, and this keyword will be given a higher weight to a certain extent, and then cooperate with the principle of common citation, If such text appears on several webpages at the same time, and the URL pointed to is the same URL, then the keyword before this URL may affect the normal webpage snapshot title.


So after you understand this, when you expose your website in other places in the future, you can leave your own website in the format of "keyword: domain". This kind of off-site exposure may be better than your direct link. Or the effect of anchor text is better.

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