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QQ mailbox login calendar to improve seo work efficiency

Posted: 2018-10-08T21: 53: 16 Content source: UR website

Today, I wrote this article because I found that many seo customers who served the past few days because they always forgot to remind them to renew, the task of keyword ranking optimization stopped, and eventually the ranking disappeared, so I suddenly thought if there is a way to Remind yourself regularly which tasks have expired, so that you can better organize your work. I believe that many other seo staff often encounter such problems. Today I will talk about how to log in to the calendar after logging in using qq mailbox. To create a schedule.

What is an agenda? I do n’t need to explain it to everyone. Now almost all smart phones have the function of directly creating an agenda on the calendar. You set an event and remind you with an alarm when the event occurs, but usually All work uses a computer, and there are a lot of events that need to be created, so using a mobile phone to create it seems to affect the work efficiency too, so I thought about the calendar function of qq mailbox, because qq mail login after logging in to the calendar, creating the schedule It is notified via QQ email, and most of the seo staff must be linked to QQ every day, so that they can ensure that they do not miss every schedule and rationally improve work efficiency.


When using the calendar function of qq mailbox, everyone may encounter the following problems, here by the way.

How to log into the calendar after login with QQ mailbox

Directly click the email icon on the QQ or TIM software to log in to the QQ mailbox directly. If your QQ mailbox login is set to enter the password-free access from the client, generally click the email icon to directly enter the email homepage. After login in the QQ mailbox In the menu on the right side of the homepage, we can find the "Calendar" menu. Just click this menu to log in to the calendar, find the day in the calendar where you plan to create the event, and hover your mouse over the blank area of the calendar day. I can see the "create event" prompt, and then follow the prompts to create a schedule step by step.

For seo work, because most keyword renewals are renewed monthly or annually, we can set the reminder cycle when creating a schedule, and set the reminder cycle to monthly reminders when you charge monthly. The annual charge sets the reminder cycle as an annual reminder, so that as long as it is time to renew, you can receive an email reminder to notify customers the first time and not miss every renewal notice.


Is there a way to create schedules without logging in to qq mailbox

The answer to this question is of course yes. If you have the strength or sufficient funds, you can develop an automatic monitoring of keyword rankings, and you can schedule the CRM advanced customer management system for your customers at the same time. It will be more convenient for you, and your work efficiency will naturally be better. Higher, this is definitely more efficient than logging in with qq mailbox and then logging in to create a calendar, but it is more difficult for most seo practitioners, especially most personal seo practitioners. It ’s big, either you do n’t have the skills yourself, or you ca n’t afford to spend money on development, so I choose this method.


However, in addition to logging in with the QQ mailbox and then logging in to the calendar, there should be other more convenient functions. The application at the bottom of the QQ panel seemed to have the "schedule" application. Now I do n’t know if it is because I use the TIM. So I don't know if there is still this application in QQ. If there is this application, it will be more convenient to add the schedule directly to the QQ main panel. It is not necessary to log in to the QQ mailbox.

Speaking of TIM, maybe many webmasters will say why use TIM to create a schedule after logging in with QQ mailbox? After TIM clicks on his "avatar", it has the function of "Schedule" in the drop-down menu itself, but I am also wondering that my TIM function has never been normal. Creating "Schedule" always prompts "Creation failed." "Mysterious sadness. . .

The latest version of TIM also has a "to-do" application. At the top left of the main panel, this function was thought to be a very convenient reminder function. However, it was discovered after use that after the "to-do" event was created, the event occurred. I do n’t remind at all, and I do n’t know how TIM ’s product experience thinks about it. It is estimated that it is a brain wata, and the function is a good idea. However, there is no egg use. The event reminder method is to log in to the qq mailbox and log in to the calendar to create a more reliable, at least at the time of the test, everything is normal.

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