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Seo marketing strategy for dytt movie website

Posted: 2018-09-09T22: 20: 18 Content source: UR website

The seo marketing strategy on the Internet was also introduced in the previous article. The methods of obtaining website exposure and potential visitors through seo marketing are nothing more than a few common ones, such as: seo marketing , Brand keyword index skyrocketing, industry keywords and brand words increased in relevance, seo marketing content marketing, pan-site group promotion and so on.


So what are the seo marketing strategies of the dytt movie website we are talking about today?

After a simple analysis, it is found that the seo marketing of the dytt movie website is mainly focused on the following aspects:

Improve the relevance of industry keywords and brand words

In fact, this method can make keywords related to your brand appear in the search engine drop-down boxes and related keyword recommendation areas. On the other hand, it can directly improve the website ranking of related industry keywords, because it improves the industry keywords and your own brand words. Relevance is itself a process that triggers Baidu's intimate algorithm, so long-term operation can obviously improve the industry keyword ranking of the website.


The specific operation method is briefly described here. For example, the domain name of the dytt movie website contains the four letters dytt, and the website title also contains the dytt letters, so these four letters can be used as brand words, plus this The four-letter name does not have a special industry or a vocabulary, so the competition of the word itself is very small, almost zero, so that dytt has the uniqueness of the brand word, as long as the keyword contains these four letters It is easy for search engines to think that users need to find the movie website dytt, so you can trigger the relevance between industry keywords and brand keywords by brushing keywords such as movie + dytt, cinema + dytt, movie website + dytt, etc. Further trigger the relevance of industry keywords to websites.

Brand word index soars to increase attention

As already mentioned in the previous paragraph, the four letters of dytt are relatively uncommon, but when the Baidu index of dytt suddenly spikes to tens or even hundreds of thousands of searches, it is destined that many people will pay attention to this Words, and then there will be some normal natural search volume, so the Baidu search index of this uncommon word will become larger and larger, until finally a high-index brand keyword is truly formed.


Letting your own brand keyword index skyrocket has many functions. One is that the weight of your website on third-party webmaster tools such as iSite or chinaz will skyrocket in a short period of time, attracting follow-up attention, and On the one hand, when the index of brand words soars, it will also get special attention from search engines. When your brand words soar to tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands, search engines will think that your website has a large user group. Therefore, pay more attention to your website, so as long as your website produces a lot of content, you can easily get good rankings and exposure of search engines.

The above two aspects are the main seo marketing strategies used by the dytt movie website. In the process of website seo marketing, there are many skillful operation plans. Welcome to leave a message to discuss.

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