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SEO marketing relies on drop-down box to improve website Baidu ranking

Posted: 2018-08-30T14: 51: 40 Content source: UR website

As the Internet becomes more and more popular, no matter the streets and streets are full of Internet elements, SEO marketing is more and more valued by people, but if SEO marketing relies on the most traditional SEO methods (content, external links, website structure) It is already difficult to obtain the ideal ranking. Today we are talking about a seo marketing method that is more biased towards black hat seo. That is to rely on the search box of the search engine to improve the Baidu ranking of the website.


In fact, not only Baidu, almost all search engines have drop-down boxes. The so-called drop-down box is when we search for a certain keyword on the search engine, enter the keyword in the search box, and the search engine will automatically below the search box. A drop-down selection box appears, and the keywords of this drop-down selection box are generally related to the intelligently recommended words based on the keywords you enter.

So how should our friends working in seo make good use of this drop-down box?

The drop-down box is a very sensitive area for many search engines, and it is much more sensitive than the sorting of search results. The data of the drop-down box is directly obtained from the server, so the reasonable use of the drop-down box can effectively improve The keyword ranking of your website. What we are going to talk about today is to use the search engine drop-down box to improve the Baidu ranking of the website.

Most search engines can trigger and guide search engines to crawl and value a certain webpage through related searches, but at present, other search engines are not very obvious. Only Baidu ’s operation of the drop-down box is still very obvious. , Which is what many people say about Baidu's "smart search". By triggering this search, Baidu can highly associate certain keywords with a certain website, and improve the comprehensive rating of the website on the search engine.

The following is a detailed description of the correct use of Conscious Search, and proper use can really achieve the effect of fast ranking.


First, search for a main keyword (generally a keyword with a very high selection index). For example, we search for seo

Secondly, in the search results interface of seo, we do not click any results, just click the input box, and then you will see the keyword "seo optimization" in the drop-down box of the input box, and then we click on the recommended seo in this drop-down result Optimize, click to enter the search results page of the word seo optimization, then we go to the page to find, find our results, and then click to enter the in-depth browsing.

Finally, if you still ca n’t find your website in the previous step, we ’ll click on the input box again on the search results page optimized by seo. These do not select the keywords in the drop-down box, but directly in the input box, behind the keywords. Enter site: domain and click the search button. This will definitely find your website, and then click your website homepage in this search results interface.


After completing the above three steps of search clicks, search engines (especially Baidu) will consider the keywords: seo, seo optimization, and website domain to be highly relevant, which is what users really want to search and find, after a long time and iteration The above operation can make the website domain rank higher when users search for keywords seo and seo optimization.

This is the effective way to improve the Baidu ranking of the website through the search drop-down box in the seo marketing method that I will share with you today. If you have any good ideas, please discuss them together.

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