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[Wingless bird seo] why no black hat seo training website has Baidu word of mouth

Posted: 2018-08-19T21: 59: 52 Source: UR website

Since the appearance of Baidu Word of Mouth, Baidu Word of Mouth has become a reference factor for many users before choosing a website's products or services, especially for some expensive products or services. People should refer to some of this site's Baidu Word of mouth before choosing, see Look at the real evaluation of users. Although there are problems with many data of Baidu's word of mouth, such as maliciously discredited reviews by peers or negative reviews from professional appraisers, more or less they always have a certain reference value.


However, there is an industry website that is very strange. Most of the top ranked websites in this industry do not have Baidu word of mouth data. This industry is the black hat SEO training industry. Why is this happening?

Today, Xiaobian and everyone take a look at the black hat seo training website. We can see from the relatively high ranking websites of these websites. Generally, these websites are relatively new. Some of the websites are relatively new. The age is basically within 3 years, so the brand attention is generally not very high. Therefore, it is not very likely that Baidu will automatically open Baidu Word of Mouth for these websites, but Baidu Word of Mouth webmasters can apply for it by themselves. Why are these Does the website open Baidu word of mouth?


In fact, we only need to search for some keywords such as seo training and seo tutorials to see which websites have Baidu word of mouth. Generally, this kind of seo training website, if Baidu word of mouth is opened, I believe that you can really use bad reviews. Described, most people feel that they have n’t learned anything after paying the tuition, so the negative review rate is still very high, which is why the webmasters of these black hat seo training websites are not willing to apply to open Baidu Word of Mouth. Right.

Now that we have talked about Black Hat SEO training and Baidu Word of Mouth today, let's talk about these two topics.

Can black hat seo training learn black hat technology?

I remember a friend said before that the industry of seo is different from other industries. This industry is really an industry in which the apprentice starves the master, so no seo lecturer will give himself the real search engine fast ranking skills. Students, especially black hat seo.

The so-called black hat seo is a method to achieve fast ranking of search engine keywords by using search engine algorithm loopholes. If a black hat seo training website really teaches its students how to quickly rank, I believe at least More than half of the students will quickly build the same training website, and then use the quick ranking skills learned in this black hat seo training course to upgrade their website to the search engine homepage, and then charge for the class.


Then the problem comes. There are only ten search results in the search engine by default. If black hat seo training teaches students the really fast-paced technology, how does he make money next? This is a big question, so any thinking It is impossible for a normal businessman to do such a business. In fact, this also explains the title of this article. Why the black hat seo training website does not open Baidu word of mouth, I believe that those who participated in these black hat seo training want to chop. These black hat seo webmasters should not be in the minority. If such sites have opened Baidu word of mouth, it is estimated that the bad reviews will be able to pop up.

Does Baidu Word of Mouth influence website rankings?

Next, let's talk about whether Baidu's word of mouth has an impact on rankings. I believe this issue is also a concern for many webmasters.

In my personal opinion, I feel that Baidu Word of Mouth has no direct impact on the seo aspect of the website, but after clicking the Baidu Word of Mouth link in the search engine snapshot (that is, the comment link in the lower right corner of the snapshot), clicking into the Baidu Word of Mouth page should Points are added to the snapshot of this website.

There is also a lot of negative information on a site's Baidu word of mouth, which may affect the user experience of the site, and then affect the authority and rating of the site in the search engine. It will also affect the ranking of the site, especially When Baidu Word of Mouth first came out, the impact on the ranking of the site was quite large, but many webmasters have recently reported this problem. Some people who specialize in K-site business use a large number of malicious brushes to comment on Baidu Word of Mouth and report snapshots It can achieve the purpose of ranking artificially and even directly to the K station. Therefore, Baidu has also made some adjustments in this regard. Now the negative information of Baidu's word of mouth influences the ranking of the website itself.


Let's talk so much about black hat seo training and Baidu word of mouth first. If you have any questions, please leave an e-mail and comment in the article comment area. The editor will reply to you after seeing it.

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