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Important man-made operational factors affecting Google seo ranking

Date: 2018-08-06T19: 02: 10 Content source: UR website

I believe many friends have heard the rumors that Google is going to return to mainland China. Although this is not the first rumor, as a seo optimizer , it is better to have it, so we should understand before Google returns to mainland China. What changes have Google made in the past few years? How can Google SEO rankings quickly rank the homepage? This is the key content we should pay attention to.

Today, Xiaobian will work with you to understand what are the most important human factors in the Google SEO ranking.

After understanding these important human factors, as long as the SEO practitioners or SEO service companies with system development capabilities or traffic manufacturing capabilities can quickly get a better ranking on Google search.

Before talking about these important factors, we must say a very important topic, that is, personalized rankings. In fact, not only has Baidu achieved thousands of search results in recent years, but Google has also personalized search results in recent years. Shows that Google itself has a corresponding domain name in each country. The search results between these domain names themselves are very different. Generally, the websites of visitors' countries will be prioritized, but in addition to these regional differences In addition, Google also has a lot of personalized search results display. According to the past search habits and visit habits of visitors, Google will randomly adjust the ranking of some search results, so when you provide customers with Google SEO ranking services, if you put The homepage on the keywords is used as a mark for evaluating performance. It is estimated that it is difficult to make money, because the results that your customers search for keywords may be completely different from the results you see. He will not show you the homepage you see. Pay the bill.


After understanding this personalized search result display, let's talk about the important factors that affect the ranking of Google SEO. In fact, many friends who have studied Google SEO have already summarized and summarized these factors, and can find more than 200 factors that affect rankings, but Many factors cannot be changed or manipulated manually under the premise that the website already exists, so these editors will not talk about them today. I will only focus on those that can be manipulated by humans and can directly affect the ranking of Google SEO. Several important factors.


1. Chrome browser. As we all know, during the use of the chrome browser, a part of the data packets will be sent to Google. These data include some evaluations of the popularity of the website, that is, how popular a website is. These data will be fed back to Google, so many studies on Google Seo's friends have confirmed that entering a website from a chrome browser's favorites, or entering a search result page of Google's brand word from the favorites, and then clicking into the website will weight the website, which is highly weighted.

2. Website content. Google's AI intelligence is leading the world. Many people have found that in the past few years, no keywords related to their search terms can be seen in the title of a keyword search result on Google. The content can indeed answer your own questions or it is exactly what you want to find. This is to tell us that Google SEO attaches much more importance to the content of the website than to the TDK tag, so do not deliberately optimize the website TDK tag. , The main energy of content creation should be focused on the content itself, so that your content is as rich as possible, as much as possible to meet the needs of visitors.

3. Website exposure and user desire. This is the focus of today's article. Everyone knows that no matter what search engine optimization is, whether it is Google SEO or Baidu ranking, most of the quick ranking is achieved by clicking operations, but it is not All clicks can achieve the desired effect. Many times, unreasonable clicks will make your website completely disappear from the search engine (that is, the punishment mechanism of the search engine is triggered). Today I will tell you about the exposure through the website. And user cravings to boost Google search rankings.


The first tip is a bit similar to Baidu's Intimate Search. We first use Google search to find a keyword that we want users to find on the website. If this keyword can find our own website on the first page of search results, we click to enter it, and then Stay for the appropriate amount of time (if this keyword does not find our own website, just ignore this step). Then on Google, search for "keyword brand name" or "keyword URL" or "keyword site: URL". After searching, you can usually see our own website, and then click to enter the website to stay for the appropriate time.

Another little trick is to directly search the keywords we want users to see on their website, and then randomly find a search result in the top three digits of the search results, click the small triangle to the right of the search result URL, and click the "web page" Snapshot "After entering a Google snapshot of one of the top three web pages, directly create your own website link on the page and click (manually you can create it through the browser's review element. If it is implemented by a program, it is not difficult, directly in Add the anchor text link of your website to the webpage code and execute the modified code again)

These artificial factors can artificially improve the ranking of your website pages in Google search results, especially the two tips in the third factor can quickly improve the ranking of the website in a short time.

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