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Looking at the future of Baidu box agreement and search engine from "What's New Today"

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

For a person doing search engine ranking optimization (ie, SEO optimization ), paying attention to changes in search engines and understanding the trend of search engines is a daily task. Many people may be complaining that Baidu is getting more and more People do n’t understand, the search results are not only thousands of people, but also the content of the same keyword search on the same day has different displays in different time periods, so is Baidu more intelligent or backward, let us today Let's take a look at Baidu's box agreement and the future trend of search engines through "What's New Today".

In fact, for the current status of search engines, we can't say whether Baidu has improved or gone backwards, because Baidu can't clear its own position, but a search engine company has been constantly appearing in recent years. New Internet products have snatched a lot of ingress traffic, including but not limited to: from media platforms, featured apps, WeChat portals, live broadcast platforms, etc. The emergence of these new products has caused many Internet ingress traffic to directly escape from Baidu, so Baidu as a The search engine company with the largest domestic market share is naturally also anxious to get angry, so it tried to reverse this network situation through various changes. Therefore, this year's Baidu vigorously promoted the bear's palm, trying to enter the media market and snatch self Media traffic.

However, it is Baidu ’s rush to make the original stable search engine algorithms change. For webmaster friends, everyone should know that from early 2018 to the present, Baidu has launched four or five algorithms. The emergence of each algorithm will make the ranking results of search engines fluctuate greatly. The perspective of webmaster users is to hope that Baidu ’s algorithm can make Baidu search more and more intelligent, and the search results are more and more relevant. This is contrary to our wishes, maybe we haven't noticed from other places. Today, I will show you a strange search phenomenon.

We search for "What 's New Today " through the Baidu search box, and you will see this effect in the first two search results, as shown below:


Anyone who knows the Baidu frame agreement understands that this kind of search result is not faulty. This kind of search result is not a natural result of seo . The first two search results showing what is new today are the frame agreement results set by Baidu to improve the user experience. It is to directly call the contents of its own website database or the contents of third-party partners through the corresponding interface file.

From the figure above, we can see that the second search result is completely fine. Although Baidu is recommending its own links through content marketing to increase user viscosity, it is indeed a new thing today, and it is also very useful for people searching for the term It is helpful, the user experience is good, but the first result is a bit reluctant. Since it is a search for "new things today," you recommend me today 64 years ago, it seems that this thing is not new? At that time, my dad was not born. I don't think it's fresh.

But this is not important. After all, it is the frame agreement. The content of the database directly called is understandable if there is no appropriate content recommendation. Speechless, what about good search engines?


After we search for "What's New in Today" on Baidu, we will pull down the search results, and you will doubt your life. Are you sure you are using a search engine? Yes, you read that right. A reddish color is useless. It's so wayward. Isn't it a navigation site? do not do that. . . This is really Baidu Search, Baidu Search is just so willful.

I wanted to talk to you about the trend of the future of Baidu search engine. How should we, who are doing SEO, go with the trend, but seeing this URL navigation, no, no, mouth drifting, news navigation, Oh, NO, it's the courage of Baidu search results (saying how to grit your teeth), because I don't know who I am anymore, after all, this is an era when Baidu doesn't know who it is.


Forget it, let's go to sleep. Anyway, I searched for "What's New Today". My world view, life view, and values have been completely shattered. Where is the future Internet? Let's search slowly together!

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