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『4480』 Seo optimization drainage law

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

The Internet is an economic system supported by IP. Where there is IP, there is a market. Even if these IPs do not have much to do with your own business, as long as the amount of IP is large enough, there will be a lot of things that are not relevant to you The crowd has become your potential customer group, so today we will talk about the seo optimization drainage law.

First of all, let ’s talk about the title of this article. 4480 is not the point. 4480 is only used to attract traffic. We will not discuss what 4480 does, no matter what the 4480 is. Anyway, the number of people searching for these four numbers through Baidu is 76,000 every day (From the Baidu Index June 2018 data) But when we searched for this 4480, we found that not many websites are optimizing this keyword, so such keywords are very suitable for popularity.


Secondly, let ’s discuss the role of IP (that is, traffic) in seo optimization. Some friends who are just engaged in seo will think that the website can only bring large traffic in the true sense if the seo is optimized. In fact, IP will increase. There is an interaction between seo optimizations, not a one-way effect.

For example, we often encounter some brands that are more successful, especially those that rely on micro-businesses. As long as the official website of these brands is online, it will be given a high weight soon after Baidu's inclusion, even casually. A piece of news published on the website can get a good ranking. This situation is the effect of IP reaction and seo optimization, because the brand attention itself is very high. After the official website is launched, the push will naturally attract the website. A lot of real traffic, in this case Baidu will give the website a higher authority, resulting in a higher overall website weight.


Finally, let's talk about how to increase the overall weight of the website through real IP reaction and website, so as to make it easier to optimize seo?

In fact, this article is a seo optimization traffic diversion article, I will tell you through this article.

I have already analyzed 4480 in the title above. The search for this keyword is very high, but there are not many related web pages, which means that the competition for this keyword is not very large. This is the key There are actually many, many words, but we need to discover them by ourselves. When we find such keywords, just like I wrote this article, you can use these keywords to bring traffic to your website, because keywords The competition is relatively small, so the chances of such keywords ranking higher will be greater. When these articles containing keywords have a better ranking on search engines, they can attract some real visitors to the site. On the other hand, the important role is the impact on seo optimization.


For some large index keywords, if a page on your website ranks better, then the weight assigned to this page by Baidu (that is, the page RANK rating) is relatively high. At this time, the internal links of other websites on this page or The anchor text keywords can pass a certain score and weight for the website. When many such pages die, the overall weight of your website will become very high. At this time, the ranking of the main keywords on the website homepage will naturally Will get a great degree of improvement.

[『4480』 Seo Optimal Drainage Rule】 Content declaration

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