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『包 图 网』 Captured a new outlet for commercial images

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

I forgot that the big man once said, "As long as you stand in the wind, the pigs will fly up." I found that more and more pigs are standing on the air (just kidding, pigs are not so smart). The article " What do Internet Loans and Internet Loan Houses Make Money " written a few days ago is actually a station In the case of Fengkou, the place they can do so successfully is because they are standing on the tip of the Fengkou wave, and it is difficult to fly without wanting to fly, so it ’s good for webmasters and seo practitioners. Learn to stand above the air. Today, let ’s take a look at the next wave of the tide “”


Pigs can fly when standing in the wind (picture from: Bing China)

What does Baotunet do? is an online trading website of Shanghai Baotu Network Technology Co., Ltd., which went online in July 2016. The main services include advertising design, Taobao design, corporate office templates and other design materials, providing vector graphics for market demand, psd source files, ppt downloads, etc.
In fact, there are many similar material sites that are older than Baotu Online. For example,,, HongDongChina, etc., but has seized such an outlet for commercial use of image copyright in recent years Get up, how to fly? This also requires a smart pilot, otherwise it might hit the mountain while flying.


I bumped myself if I could n’t fly (picture from: Bing China)

How does make money?
This is the main point to be said today. There is another big difference from the previous picture material websites . The commercial copyright of belongs to the platform of Tuwang can naturally get rich copyright income, and some of the picture material websites we have seen in the past, such as,, etc., the final copyright of the picture is in the hands of the user. When secure pictures are used for commercial purposes, the platform There is no reason to claim copyright fees.
From the news information about image copyright in the past year, we can see that because many people do not value the commercial use of image copyright, the final result may be to pay tens of thousands, hundreds of thousands or even millions of infringement fees. This kind of knowledge protection measures has provided with a great policy guarantee. As long as can prove that the copyright of the pictures belongs to it, commercial platforms that use these picture materials without consent will need to pay a high price. Of course, if the pictures In the announcement process, there is no declaration of prohibition of commercial use, which can be freely distributed, but in order to avoid disputes as much as possible, it is recommended that everyone should indicate the source of the picture when using the picture material in the future, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.


Picture copyright is really important (picture from: Bing China)

Who designed the copyright image of
This problem has troubled many people, and it has also troubled me. is different from other material platforms. Many of their pictures have exclusive copyrights. Then the problem comes. So many pictures. Since they own the copyright of the pictures, That proves that the pictures are their own shots or design works. Who provided such a large amount of picture materials? This requires further investigation. Of course, legal enthusiasts who like to do things can also investigate it and see if the copyright of these pictures really belongs to
I personally feel that should have a dedicated design team or photography team in its own company to create a large number of works in a long-term and uninterrupted manner, and then upload them to the platform for users to purchase and use, so from this concept Say, many friends who can design in this beautiful age when picture copyright is more valued, you can try to make money by designing picture materials. As long as you continue to design and declare that commercial use is prohibited, you can let those who like your materials need commercial use. Pay the corresponding copyright fees.

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