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Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Recently searched on Baidu: Xingtai, Beijing, Qinhuangdao, Chengde, Handan, Hengshui, Langfang and other regions plus keywords: website construction, website production , website design, web design, website revision and other forms of regional long tail keywords, I can find a website called Haosen Yute, and every day there will be a lot of IP searches for super long-tail keywords such as "Handan website production Haosen Yute" and "Hengshui website production Haosen Yute", this key The words immediately caught the attention of the editors, so I purposely came to this website to analyze the role of long tail keywords on the seo technology level.

In fact, every day many online companies use this method to brush keyword rankings, not only the Haosen Yute family, when we see that a certain online company has many long-tail keywords ranked on the Baidu homepage, and somehow These long-tail keywords have a high Baidu index. This situation is generally brushed in this way. Although Xiaobian personally has always thought that the rankings brushed out this way are not significant, but to a certain extent, Can improve the website ranking of the entire site in search engines. Below we will use the website of Haosen Yute to explain in detail how this method uses long-tail keywords or even ultra-long-tail keywords to improve the ranking of website pages in search engines.

When we search for "Hengshui Website Construction" through Baidu, we may not find the website of Haosen Yute at all in the beginning. What should we do? ?

At this time, we can search for our website through ultra-long tail keywords such as "Hengshui Website Construction Haosen Yute". If you have sufficient IP resources, you can search for such keywords through a large number of IPs and click on yourself Website, and then improve the relevance of your website to the keyword "Hengshui Website Construction", so after a period of operation, the website will basically appear in the ranking of the keyword " Hengshui Website Construction ". Way better operation means!

Generally speaking, search engines think that keywords like "" are long-tail keywords that users want to find your website. So generally, this long-tail keyword will give you as long as someone searches. The URL of the website is extra points, so in the description of the previous paragraph, we can replace the long-tail keywords with the format of "keyword", which will be more conducive to improving the relevance of the website to the main keywords.

In this way, as long as someone searches and clicks on your website on Baidu for a long time, keywords such as "Hengshui Website Construction" can quickly appear on Baidu's relatively high rankings, but this is not the end the goal of.


Our ultimate goal is to make more competitive keywords appear in higher positions in Baidu search results, so this requires more IP resources to search for keywords such as "Hengshui Website Construction" and click on yourself Website snapshot, when such keywords are searched for and directed to your website for a long time, your website will soon be considered by search engines to have a high correlation with "website construction", so that your website is in In the near future, " website construction " high index and high competition keyword ranking will appear. Of course, this process will take longer than the transition from ultra long tail keywords to long tail keywords, requiring more IP resources.

After reading the above analysis, everyone should have a certain understanding of the important role of long tail keywords and super long tail keywords in website ranking optimization and SEO. Friends who like to study seo may wish to try.

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