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seo website building gives you a more reliable website building experience

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

It is not uncommon for companies or individuals to provide websites to provide website optimization and seo services, but is it a bit new to do seo 's website construction services? I personally think: seo website construction is the most reliable website construction concept, especially for corporate websites!


A website building company that doesn't pay attention to seo, the website is as beautiful as it is beautiful. For corporate websites, the true prospective customers are from search engines. If your website is beautiful and beautiful, but a little bit for search engines Children are not friendly, there is no slight ranking on search engines such as Baidu, Sogou, Sogou, then your website is really a decoration, so it is most reliable to build a website .

The so-called SEO website construction is to make seo become the dominant idea of website construction. The idea of website construction is to focus on seo from the beginning. This is actually very well understood. Some people may think that seo website construction must be abandoned. What about abandoning the site's special effects?

In fact, it is not true. Real seo website construction can also achieve various special effects of the website, and it can also make your website beautiful and exquisite. The above design is more conducive to search engine indexing, here are a few simple points:


1. URL format. Keep it as short as possible. Practice has proved that the shorter URL format is more conducive to search engine indexing.

2. The website front desk must be pure static. Although search engines do not treat static pages and dynamic pages essentially differently, practice tells us that static pages make smaller requests to the server, respond faster, and the more friendly they are to search engine crawlers.

3. Keep your JS and CSS scripts as streamlined as possible. Although it is impossible to make the webpage size larger than 200KB in general webpage design, the implementation of some special effects may make the script file very bloated. At this time, you must learn to streamline and compress the script file to control the size of the entire page.

4. Handling of error pages. Error pages must not return dead links directly. Design error pages reasonably so that error pages are more friendly to search engines and visitors.

5. Reasonable application of H tags. Although it is said that search engines no longer completely distinguish the focus of webpage content according to the H tags of webpages, the reasonable application of Htags to a certain extent can still improve the ranking of search engines .

6. Handling of TDK tags. Although this is the most basic content in seo knowledge, many website designers do not pay attention to it. It is easy to ignore this. Be sure to ensure that each page TDK is independent content, because search engines must first identify a page. The recognized text content is TDK. If the TDK settings are not reasonable (especially the TDK is the same on the entire site), it will have a great negative impact on search engine rankings.

7. Breadcrumb navigation. This is a place that many websites will ignore when designing a website. In fact, breadcrumb navigation has always played a very important role in SEO. Be sure to set breadcrumb navigation properly.

8. Anchor text link in the station. This is the focus of seo on the site. Too little anchor text on the site is not conducive to search engine crawlers to find and crawl more pages on the site. The anchor text on the site is too dense and is easily considered by search engines to deliberately optimize, so this degree must still be grasped.


The above are some of the reasonable suggestions for building a SEO website. Of course, there are still many things that need to keep up with the times and need to be integrated into their own website construction ideas. For example, after Baidu launched automatic push and active push code, our soft technology is giving customers In the process of building a website, the automatic push function is integrated into the website code, so that each page of the website is more easily found by search engine crawlers.

In short, website construction is the true attitude of a corporate website from the perspective of SEO, so the most reliable website construction experience at this time.

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