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The most important points of foreign servers

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

I believe that many friends have purchased foreign servers. The most common deceptive traps that are most likely to occur when purchasing foreign servers must be noted. Today, I will tell you that the traps are most likely to be misunderstood during the purchase of foreign servers . Collect them for later use.

Foreign servers are the same as domestic servers. Generally, they are machines that are hosted in large corporate computer rooms or national computer rooms, and then the machines are sold or rented to webmaster friends in different configurations of vps or virtual hosts, cloud hosts, etc. There is a very big difference between a server and a domestic server, that is, import and export broadband, because Chinese visitors need to transmit signals through submarine fiber when requesting websites on foreign servers, so the import and export broadband of foreign servers is very important.


Even if your foreign server's own hardware configuration is as good as possible, but the import and export bandwidth is relatively small, then the speed of your website's access in the country will generally be greatly affected, and even the inaccessible phenomenon often occurs during the peak period of access. Therefore, we must pay attention to these configuration statements of foreign servers, otherwise the webmaster will definitely suffer.

First, weigh regional and broadband resources

For Chinese webmaster friends, when buying foreign servers, basically there are more server requirements in South Korea, Japan, Singapore, and the United States. Among these countries, if you weigh the regions, the Some webmasters will exclude the US server because everyone thinks that the geographical distance between the United States and China is really too far, and many people will focus on Korean servers and Japanese servers, but it turns out that from the common experience of use, The United States is the best choice for webmasters in foreign servers, because the United States is the country with the most abundant fiber bandwidth resources in the world. Although the geographic location is relatively long, but the bandwidth resources are sufficient, so the stability is very good. As for speed Slightly slower than servers in Asian countries, but it is only a few milliseconds away, and it is completely unfeeling to real visitors.

Based on the above reasons, Xiaobian recommends that webmasters choose a large US broadband server or virtual host when purchasing foreign servers.

Second, we must distinguish between exclusive and shared

Many web hosting vendors will tell webmasters in their official website promotions that their foreign servers or web hosting are unlimited traffic and unlimited IIS concurrency. From a scientific perspective, this is impossible. No matter how high the server configuration, there is always a critical value, so theoretically it is impossible to have hosts with unlimited traffic and unlimited IIS concurrency, especially virtual hosts .

This is actually a concept of sharing and exclusive, but many foreign server vendors will play around with the concept like this. The so-called unlimited traffic or unlimited IIS means that your virtual host or cloud server does not have a fixed amount of server resources allocated. Instead, it dynamically allocates server resources based on usage requirements. If you are lucky, there is only one website on the entire server (this is unlikely), then your available resources are sufficient. On the contrary, if you are on the same server as you There are hundreds or even thousands of websites on the website, so these websites are so-called "unlimited traffic" and "unlimited IIS". As long as one of these hundreds or thousands of websites has abnormally large traffic, then Other websites will appear to open slowly or may not open.

Therefore, in the procurement of foreign servers, everyone must understand this concept of exclusive and shared, Xiaobian recommends that you choose a virtual host or cloud server with independent resources, so that you use it yourself, and will not be implicated by other people's websites If you use so-called "unlimited traffic" and "unlimited IIS concurrent" cloud or virtual hosts, then you fall into the trap of shared resources.

Finally, standalone IP hosting and VPS are different concepts

When many webmasters are new to the server, they will mistakenly think that as long as their cloud hosts or virtual hosts have an independent IP, the number of websites on the same host is reversely queried through independent IP. This kind of independent IP is different from this exclusive resource of VPS. The virtual host can be independently bound to the independent IP, but after binding the independent IP, your other resources (such as broadband, CPU, etc.) are still in a shared state. , It will still be affected by the resources occupied by other websites on the same server.

Therefore, the foreign server that can truly ensure that broadband, cpu, and traffic are all exclusive is VPS. VPS is equivalent to a computer's virtual machine. Broadband, CPU, and traffic are rated exclusive resources, and you can log in to VPS yourself. Remote desktop, manage your vps like you manage your local computer.

Therefore, Xiaobian recommends that those webmasters who have high requirements on the server should purchase VPS instead of virtual host or cloud host. VPS is a truly exclusive resource and will not share server resources with anyone.

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