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Steps to Build Your Own Website

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Although there are many companies or individuals who pay for website construction and website production services on the Internet, including our friend software, they provide website construction and web design services for enterprises or individuals, but for those who have just stepped out of school or just participated in For working friends, if you want to start your own business through the Internet and want to make your own website, but you do n’t have a clear business philosophy, you just want to try Internet entrepreneurship. At this time, most people will choose to build their own websites. In order to save higher website construction costs, on the other hand, you can simply learn some basic knowledge about website construction or website production. So how to start your own website? Today, the editor of Yousoft Technology will write a comprehensive guide for you to build your own website, hoping to help those who want to build their own website have a systematic understanding and understanding.


1.Understand the basic scripting language

Whether you plan to use the free source code shared on the Internet to build a website or use a self-service website building system to build a website, the first thing you should learn and understand is the front-end scripting language of the website. Among them, html is the main language of the client web page source code, js script language is used to implement various web page special effects, and css script language is used to implement various website layouts and web page color tone adjustments.

Compared with programming languages such as php and java, scripting languages are easier to remember and learn, so friends who want to get in touch with website construction should first learn and recognize the three scripting languages mentioned above. It is recommended that those who plan to build websites themselves A friend's collection: This website, this website has commonly used these scripting languages are detailed into corresponding chapters, you only need to follow these chapters to learn these scripting languages one by one, and soon Learn and remember common examples of these languages.

Free source code programs

For those who have just learned to build a website, it is definitely impossible to build a website yourself and write a powerful website CMS system. This is almost impossible and unrealistic. After all, a powerful website management system It is often developed and tested by many people for a long time. It is obviously difficult to complete a website building system quickly by relying on the strength of one person. Therefore, you need to use the free website source program that has been shared on the Internet to quickly complete your own website. the goal of.

Although the self-built website can be completed by choosing some free self-help website platforms in addition to using free source programs, Xiaobian here recommends that everyone use free source programs to make the website. This way, on the one hand, it is to ensure that the ultimate control of the website lies in itself On the other hand, it also helps to improve your own website construction knowledge and familiarity. If you use a self-service website building platform , you will never understand the basic framework design of website development, but you can share it for free by researching others. The source code can well grasp some knowledge of the framework structure and page design of the entire program, and can better improve their professional skills.

There are many free source codes on the Internet. Generally, webmasters choose to download from the two major platforms: chinaz and a5. Of course, you can also download directly to the free source template channel of Yousoft Technology. We provide the free source code. The templates can be used permanently and free of charge, you can rest assured to download and use, but because of the various instability of domestic network disks, many of the previously shared source code may not be available now.


Server and domain name

By learning the front-end scripting languages in the first step, and then downloading and researching other people's source programs as described in the second step, I believe you will soon be able to build your own website, but if the established website is only running locally, then Only you can access and see, how can you make everyone on the network see your own website? This involves website publishing. Website publishing requires the use of servers and domain names. At this time, we need to contact Server and domain name.

Although most newbies don't want to spend too much cost to build their own website, the cost of the server and domain name is borne by everyone who does the website, and a stable server directly affects the speed of your website in the future. , Website performance, and search engine inclusion, so it is recommended that novices still choose a server with a high cost performance when purchasing a server. Here I recommend webmasters to the website: to see, I have been using this Web hosting and domain names, web hosting is much more stable than other products at the same price.

Oh, and finally I have to add that, in order to build a website by yourself, in addition to the above mentioned must be learned and understood, there are two important software to download and install and learn how to use, one is Dreamweaver (DW for short) The other one is Photoshop (abbreviated as PS). Even if you do n’t plan to develop your own design, you just need to research and modify other people ’s source code programs. For example, if you need to modify other people ’s web code in step two, you definitely need Use DW to open a web page file for editing. If you need to modify the icons or pictures in other people's programs, you must use PS to draw pictures. Therefore, these two softwares must be learned during the process of building your own website.

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