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What value can a brilliant e-commerce platform bring

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Recently, some customers who made websites from Yousoft Technology mentioned a platform called "Brilliant E-commerce SEO Platform". I don't know where they saw the name, but they all asked me if Baidu's drop-down is useful. So, I went to the Internet to search and understand this seo brilliant e-commerce platform to help customers answer similar questions in the future. After my own understanding, I found the following problems, which may help those who want to understand this platform. people.

First, the controllable traffic of the SEO brilliant e-commerce platform is very large

Maybe you will ask, how did you know that they have a lot of traffic? In fact, this is also easy to find. You can find many high-index long-tail keywords related to "seo brilliant e-commerce platform" through long-tail keyword mining tools, but These keywords are understood from normal thinking. Ordinary users should not search in this way, so in theory, the index of this platform is brushed out by its own controllable traffic, and the index of many words can be as high as 10,000, which fully illustrates this. Seo brilliant e-commerce platform's controllable traffic must be relatively high, so it is definitely no problem to use it to brush down, brush index, and brush related keywords.

Second, is the search engine down or related search useful?

This issue cannot be generalized. From an economic point of view, any existence is reasonable, and anything that exists has its fair value. Since search engine pull-downs and related keywords have been around for so long, there must be a lot of them. Fair value, so brushing these things is definitely more or less helpful, but some customers may say that the promotion of their SEO brilliant e-commerce platform is too ridiculous, and it feels that the drop-down of search engines and related searches do not bring much. flow.

I want to explain here that this thing can't be small in traffic. It can only be said that it depends on the industry. The drop-down keywords and Baidu related search terms in some industries are very valuable, such as certain gray industries or illegal industries. Many major keywords are blocked. When you search for these major keywords and cannot find the results you want, you will naturally click on the relevant search or search engine recommended drop-down keywords. At this time, these related keywords Searching and pulling down keywords can give you a lot of potential value.

Finally, do you want to make the website by brushing down the keywords and related keywords?

This is definitely necessary, because whether you are brushing down keywords or related keywords, this part of the traffic falls on the search results page of the search engine and does not directly bring you traffic, so you still have to do An official website of your own, and you also need to ensure that when you pull down these pull-down keywords or related search keywords by users, your website ranks higher, preferably in the first place, so you can pull down and brush related searches. In order to really realize the value for you and truly bring you value. I believe that this is also the original intention of SEO's brilliant e-commerce platform to bring to customers, so those who have not yet done a website, but just want to understand the brilliant e-commerce SEO platform's amount of projects We recommend that you first customize a high-end and exquisite official website from Yousoft Technology, and then wait for your official website to be indexed by the search engine and get a good ranking, then go to the search engine drop-down through the seo brilliant e-commerce platform Keywords and related searches so that they can really bring you results.

[What value can a brilliant e-commerce platform bring?]

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