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How to write the website URL during website promotion

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

Many people may not pay too much attention to these details when they do website promotion. They just promote their platform with the mentality of promoting the website. In fact, many times the writing of the URL is important for how much traffic your website can get from other sites. The amount of weight is very influential.

Today I will talk about the impact of website URL methods on website weight. We all know that the more external links the website has, the higher the corresponding weight of the website will be, but the weight of integration of different URL writing methods will be different. Do you not know this?

The search engine is very sensitive to the http: // string, so we try to write the http: // format when writing the website address. This format allows the search engine to crawl back to the target site in the first time, thereby improving the website. Weights.

The other is the analysis of the URL. If we use A to resolve, try to resolve the domain name without www and the domain name with www to an IP, and try to use the domain name format of http: // This way, not only is it easy to be remembered by netizens, but it can also get a higher weight of the main domain, because domain names without www can inherit the weights of all subdomains to a certain extent, while domain names with www cannot inherit the subdomain weight .

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