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Ten years of experience in professional website customization development accumulated thousands of customers witness

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We have specialized in the custom development of corporate high-end websites for decades, and have accumulated rich experience. Whether it is website construction or website promotion, we have a huge customer base, witnessed by thousands of real customers, and the strength is unquestionable. In the fields of website customization, website development, corporate network marketing promotion, e-commerce system development, and corporate office system development, Yousoft Technology has unique advantages. We have always been technology-oriented directly to customers, bypassing the tedious intermediate communication links, so that Every idea of the customer can be truly reflected on the Internet. Choosing Yousoft Technology is the first step in the successful Internet transformation of your company.

[ Customized development of high-end corporate websites ]

Program developers and artists directly connect with customer requirements, gain in-depth understanding of customers' company culture, product features, service concepts, competitive advantages, and potential customer groups, etc. to help customers do their initial market positioning and website style positioning, purely manual programming, one line Line code casts every extraordinary website, allowing your website to be personalized from the front desk to the background, and rejecting the same template website. Yousoft Technology helps you to stand out from thousands of competitors and let each client's The website has become a standard for industry imitation and reference, and truly stands at the top of the industry and sets the benchmark for the industry.

[ SEO promotion pays off ]

What is SEO promotion? SEO is the meaning of search engine keyword ranking optimization, which means that your potential customers can see your website in a higher position on the search engine when searching for information online through search engines such as Baidu, Sogou, and Haosou. Prospective customers come to you and let you experience the pleasure of doing business for yourself. Yousoft Technology is the first online marketing promotion service provider in China that advocates and implements the seo effective payment cooperation model. We will always consider the problem from the perspective of the customer. Our little effort does not matter. If it does not bring results to the customer, we prefer No penny. We have full confidence to make customers willing to pay, so we dare to really implement the "SEO pay-per-view" cooperation strategy.

[ Agent distribution e-commerce system ]

With many years of experience, in line with the needs of the mobile e-commerce era, we provide customers with a one-stop e-commerce system to achieve agent distribution. You only need to type to quickly open online and have a set of powerful agent distribution e-commerce. The system allows each of your customers and each agent to exert the maximum potential network value, so that your product can never stop selling once, and truly realize the snowball model of product distribution. As long as you have good products, under the agent distribution model, you can achieve market blowout in a very short time. A system covers all terminal devices such as PC, mobile, and APP at the same time. It only takes less than 5 minutes to open online. Maybe you are only 5 minutes away from wealth. Here is the best for users with products, dreams, and big platforms. select.

[ High-end cloud cluster virtual hosting ]

More than ten years of hosting service providers with professional IDC experience, from server security to server performance optimization, we have achieved the ultimate, allowing customers to spend the least money to have the most cost-effective cloud cluster virtual host, and the annual online rate Up to 99%, webpage response in milliseconds, improving website user experience.

[ Quality free website source code ]

Yousoft Technology provides thousands of sets of secure and complete free source code for peers and Internet industry enthusiasts every year. All the source code can be used permanently and freely. It is safe and green without backdoors, so that every Internet enthusiast can truly enter from scratch. Internet entrepreneurship, we provide competitors with excellent free source code with an inclusive mentality. You only need a host and a domain name to quickly build a boutique website. We always believe that the development of China's Internet cannot be separated from this. A kind and great sharing spirit.

[Professional website customization development, ten years of accumulated experience, thousands of customers witness] content declaration

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