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Yousoft Technology High-end Website

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

As the technology strength of Yousoft Technology is getting stronger and stronger, the reputation of Yousoft Technology's high-end website construction is getting louder and louder. Although the core technology team of Yousoft Technology has always been personal, many Internet companies in the country have already chosen In cooperation with Yousoft Technology, the company's high-end website developed by Yousoft Technology has also been well received by all circles. Today, Xiaobian will briefly introduce you to Yousoft Technology's high-end website.

Yousoft's high-end website is mainly for corporate websites. Why do you say it is high-end? Because our website is all hand-coded and customized, we never use any free source code and templates to ensure that our customers' websites are 100% secure. All customer websites support custom maps, imitation stations, and design according to your own ideas, making your website stand out from the crowd.


Let ’s talk about a bright spot that has been supported by users in the past few years, “ Website optimization pays for results ”, because many online companies will promote their website optimization services when users create websites, which is what we often say seo, many website companies add the service fee for website optimization and promotion to the website construction cost. For example, the market price of a website custom development may be 2,000 yuan, but the Internet company will tell you, Top 10 keywords on the homepage, so the price is more expensive, it is 5,000 yuan. "

If this is the case, many consumers who do not understand the Internet feel very cost-effective after listening to "Send 10 Baidu homepage keyword rankings", but the problem is that these 10 promised keywords are waiting for your website to do well Whether it can be done and when it is done is unknown, and almost 80% of such commitments cannot be fulfilled. When you go to these online company theories, they will generally tell you that we have already paid for the labor , So the fee cannot be refunded to you.

It is precisely in view of this situation that the high-end website construction of Yousoft Technology has always been honest and tells consumers clearly that our website construction and website optimization and promotion are two separate businesses. We only charge customers for the website. Website construction costs will never be bundled with consumers, and what is most popular with consumers is that we do Baidu homepage ranking optimization without paying in advance, so that consumers can truly achieve zero-risk promotion and pay for website optimization. After the keywords of your website do not reach the Baidu homepage, you will never charge any fees. Consumers no longer need to worry about the passive phenomenon of paying for no effect and eventually being deceived.

Of course, the website optimization service concept of " enterprise website seo first enters the homepage and then pays " has always been a key project for the promotion and popularization of Yousoft Technology. We hope that all friends who see similar information can give this common sense science to Family and friends around you, website optimization, whether it is for Baidu, Sogo, Sogou or Google, Bing, etc., no one can guarantee 100% of your keywords will be able to achieve the homepage, so before you see any effect Paying cooperation models are risky. We want to be able to tell consumers a common sense through publicity: Website ranking optimization and promotion must choose the effective payment cooperation model to be the most reliable.

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