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Can I make a website without a registered company?

Date: 2018-07-22T22: 30: 05 Content source: UR website

I believe that many friends who want to start a business through the Internet are looking for answers. In fact, I have said this question to many netizens on some question-and-answer platforms and forums before, but there are still people who search for this kind of problem, so today I will I will give you a detailed explanation here, so that everyone can have a correct understanding of whether a company can be a website without a registered company.

网站制作 是没有任何限制条款的,也就是说只要你制作的网站不违法法律法规,并且在当地法律允许的范围内经营的话,那么无论你是个人还是企业都可以制作自己的网站。 First of all, we must know that our government does not have any restrictions on regular website production . That is to say, as long as the website you create does not violate laws and regulations and operates within the scope permitted by local laws, then whether you are an individual or a business You can make your own website. So from this perspective, you can make a website without a registered company.

So what is the difference between personal, self-employed, and company-made websites?

营销型网站 本来是针对企业的一个概念,但是最近也一样有很多个人都开始制作营销型网站来宣传自己的产品或者服务,从法律的角度来说,这些个人行为都是完全合法的,只要我们经营的产品或者服务不违法国家相关的法律法规,那么个人通过互联网从事产品或服务的买卖也是完全合法的。 In terms of website function, interface, and website business, individuals, self-employed companies, and companies do not have much difference in making websites. For example, the more popular marketing website on the Internet was originally a concept for enterprises. But recently, many individuals have also begun to make marketing websites to promote their products or services. From a legal perspective, these personal actions are completely legal, as long as the products or services we operate do not violate relevant laws of the country. Regulations, it is completely legal for individuals to buy or sell products or services through the Internet. So from this perspective, individuals who do not have a registered company or who are registered as self-employed can also make websites to buy and sell their products or services.

Can a website be registered without a registered company?

This problem is also a problem that many friends who do not have a registered company will worry about before making a website. With the increase of Internet supervision in China in recent years, the country has begun to pay attention to the filing of websites. In the past two years, the filing of websites There has been a qualitative leap, not only has the work efficiency improved a lot, but also the intensity of supervision has increased.

So now, in principle, domestic websites need to be filed after filing by the national industry and information department, but friends who are familiar with the Internet know that this record policy is only available in mainland China, that is, only our website server is placed on It is only necessary to submit the record to the Industrial and Commercial Department when it is domestic. If our server is placed overseas, then we do not need to record at all. That is to say, friends who do not have a registered company can choose an overseas server when doing a website. At present, there are many domestic Individuals and small and medium-sized enterprises use the servers in overseas computer rooms such as Hong Kong, South Korea, and the United States for their websites .

Although my dynasty has strict requirements for website filing, the country still encourages the development of the Internet. Therefore, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology also allows personal website registration. If friends who do not have a registered company do the website, they will use their domestic servers to store their website data. , Then you can use your personal name for filing. Websites that use your personal name must not appear in the name of a company, company, or other business. For example, your website name must not appear in the words "XXX Limited" or "XXX Company", otherwise your Personal record materials generally do not pass the review.

Does a website without a registered company affect search engine rankings?

关键词排名优化 的,也就是所谓的SEO,就是把我们产品或者服务的关键词优化到百度、360搜狗等各大搜索引擎比较靠前的位置上,这时候没有注册公司的朋友就会怀疑自己没有注册公司会不会影响自己网站在搜索引擎上的排名呢? For general websites, if you want to get more prospective customers to find us after doing a good job, you must do keyword ranking optimization , which is the so-called SEO, which is to optimize the keywords of our products or services to Baidu, 360 Sogou and other major search engines are relatively high. At this time, friends who do not have a registered company will doubt whether their unregistered company will affect their website's ranking on the search engine?

In fact, this kind of worry is completely unnecessary. The current search engine does not judge the quality of a website because it is a corporate website. The criterion for determining the quality of a website is more based on the richness of the website content and the content of the website. The value is also the response speed of the website, so whether we are a company or not, we must pay attention to the quality of the website content after making the website. We must often add some valuable and informative content to the website so that it can be faster. Let search attach importance to our website, so as to give a better ranking on search engines.

In summary, a website can also be created without a registered company. In addition to the certain differences in the filing of the website after the website is created, there is actually no significant difference in other aspects, but the unregistered company is on many certified projects. It may suffer losses, such as the official website certifications of Baidu, Sogou, 360, or third-party certifications of some authoritative organizations, etc., which require us to provide relevant corporate qualifications to apply for certification, so at this time you will find that the registered company seems Exposure also has a certain effect.

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