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H5 chess game platform website production design case

Posted: 2019-11-16T18: 08: 53 Content source: UR website

H5 chess game platform website production design case

H5 chess and game platform this website, I must first declare that when we do a website, we generally consider the legitimacy of customer products, so we also asked customers, according to customer descriptions, they should be regular chess and card games, And it is mainly entertainment, but we can only guarantee that the website itself does not involve any recharge, wallet and other related functions when the website is online. We will not bear any responsibility if the customer involves illegal or illegal acts in the later use.

Now more and more chess and card game development companies will do their own publicity and promote us, and basically they will choose H5 adaptive website, this website is H5 responsive adaptive template, program template separation, convenient for customers later management , All the content on the website, pictures, and the source code of the front desk of the site can be managed through the backstage with one click, which is very convenient.

The online URL of this H5 chess and card game platform: is for visitors only. Visitors should check whether the chess and card games are legal and do not recharge without authorization. The website was launched in November 2019. If the time elapses too much and the website cannot be opened or the interface content changes, the problem is usually caused by the customer's failure to renew the payment.

We undertake the official website design, official website production, official website promotion and optimization of various regular chess and card game development manufacturers all year round. If you also need to develop a publicity website for your chess and card game, please contact WeChat or QQ853616368. In order to ensure the legality of the website We only develop and design the official website of the enterprise display type, we do not develop any recharge related functions, and we are not responsible for the development and design of the game link.

[Case of H5 Chess Game Platform Website Design and Design] Content Declaration

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