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Case Study of the Official Website of Belgian Blue and White Cattle Breeding and Breeding Bases

Posted: 2019-09-09T17: 31: 02 Content source: UR website

Case Study of the Official Website of Belgian Blue and White Cattle Breeding and Breeding Bases

In 2017, I have done many official websites of domestic beef cattle breeding companies and cattle breeding companies. At that time, the Internet in China was mainly traffic on the PC segment. The mobile terminal had just started to rise and was not so popular and sought after, so that At the time of the official website of the enterprise, everyone generally asked the computer version to do a little high-end atmosphere.

Then time has changed. Now, everyone is focusing on mobile traffic. Therefore, when companies customize the official website, they also want to focus on designing and customizing the mobile interface. However, the cattle breeding website launched this time is not a domestic company, but Belgian law. The branch of Breka established in China is precisely the Belgian Blue Cattle Breeding Base and Breeding Breeding Base newly established in China by Belgian Fabreka, so it is necessary to design an official website in mainland China to correspond to it, UR Although building a website is personal in nature, after witnessing the development of the Chinese Internet for decades, Fabrica, Belgium, chose our UR website as the designer of their official website. We also completed the website interface design and Going online, currently running online, this is a case of H5 responsive and adaptive website construction.

Belgian Blue Bull is naturally the bodybuilding champion among cattle. It has always been a star sought after by European and American table people. You can search for Belgian Blue Bulls. I believe that after understanding, you will have a deep reflection on Belgian Blue Bulls. At present, Belgian Blues Cattle has officially entered the Chinese market, and we hereby wish Fabrika a smooth development of the breeding business of cattle in China.

Finally, please attach a link to the official website of Fabrik China: (the domain name is easy to remember, which is the first letter of "Belgian Blue Bull"). The website was launched in September 2019. Or the content of the opening does not match, it may be caused by the domain name of the website or the server has not renewed in time.

[Case study of the official website of Belgian blue and white cattle breeding and breeding bases in China]

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