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Iron oxide [red yellow blue green black] pigment manufacturer

Posted: 2019-07-02T13: 45: 18 Content source: UR website

Iron oxide [red yellow blue green black] pigment manufacturer

The manufacturers of iron oxide pigments are mainly concentrated in Luquan District, Shijiazhuang. There is the largest production base of iron oxide pigments and artistic pigments in China. As long as the pigments generated include, but are not limited to: iron oxide red, iron oxide yellow, iron oxide blue, and iron oxide. Green, iron oxide black, fine art green, iron phthalocyanine green, etc., because the procurement of raw materials is generally very demanding, traditional procurement channels often encounter problems of insufficient supply, which is why these iron oxides One of the main reasons why pigment manufacturers have begun to promote the Internet.

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Hebei Chencai official website address: The domain name is also relatively easy to remember. It is directly the first letter of "iron oxide manufacturer". If you also need to purchase a lot of iron oxide pigments and art pigments, please visit Hebei Chenchen. Color pigment official website contact customer service to order.

The website was launched in June 2019. If the website becomes inaccessible or the access interface is different from the screenshot after too long, it may be that the expired content of the server due to the client's renewal has not been renewed or the domain name has expired and was registered by someone else.

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