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Development of anti-counterfeiting query system for waterproof building material products

Posted: 2019-06-13T12: 02: 39 Content source: UR website

Development of anti-counterfeiting query system for waterproof building material products

In recent years, waterproof building materials have been popular in many places, but we all know that once a certain product is on fire, many cottage products will appear. High imitations and cottages are not terrible. What is scary is that these high imitations and The products of the cottage are made in the name of your company, and the brand is still completely used by your brand. Once the product goes wrong, the consumer must find your company for the first time. This is the most troublesome thing. .

It is precisely for this reason that many people who do popular products and push fission products will do such functions as anti-counterfeiting query of products and tracing of sources of goods by WeChat agents. With such a product anti-counterfeiting query system, you can print anti-counterfeiting query codes on your own products. One product has one anti-counterfeiting code, which effectively prevents others from imitating and copying your brand and products.

The anti-counterfeit code of the product can be directly generated in batches in the management background of the anti-counterfeit query system. After being generated, it can be exported and then printed and labeled to the product, or the product's anti-counterfeit code can be randomly generated by other methods and then imported into the anti-counterfeit query system through the Excel form. When someone inquires, you can find out whether the security code belongs to your home production.

The above mentioned pushing fission, I have to say that after the rise of micro-business in the past two years, the speed of pushing fission in this place is much faster than the traditional Internet promotion, and even much better than the effect of SEO . I also participated in the promotion of many emerging Fission projects are generally the kind of multi-level distribution products that agents enjoy for several generations of revenue. As long as they are well connected, the first-level agent during their own training period is basically waiting to collect money, as long as the agents below continue to ship , You have a steady stream of income, this model can be said to be the best in the era of micro-business. If you have any good fission and multi-level agent distribution projects, please contact me. I am happy to help with promotion. There are still many Internet promotion channels of our own, which can help you promote a large number of subordinate agents and users in a short time. Of course, the premise is that your project must be a real and reliable project, not a kind of virtual currency, pull people, cheat promotion projects, such projects do not waste time contact me.

Well, let ’s get back to business. Attached below is the case of this company ’s official website with product anti-counterfeiting query function: (The website was launched in June 2019. If the time passes too long, it may be due to the server, domain name not renewed, or company business Changes made the site inaccessible)

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