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UR station contact phone: 0311-82065950
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Corporate marketing website construction, personal website production, high-end website customization or imitation website design, mobile website or mobile website design and development, website SEO optimization (Baidu home page ranking), just look for UR website, UR website focus on high-end website development and design for decades , Has rich experience in website design and server security protection, and is also the first Internet optimization service provider in China that advocates and implements SEO pay-per-view. If you are an old user of UR website building, please remember to introduce us to your friends who have website promotion needs. Your support is a strong guarantee that we can continue to provide you with high-quality services.

为了尽可能节省办公成本、省去业务提成及中间环节费用,UR建站技术团队始终坚持以个人性质服务广大客户,不愿接受个人服务的朋友谢绝合作。 [Special Reminder]: In order to save office costs as much as possible and avoid business commissions and intermediate link costs, the UR station technical team always adheres to serving our customers with a personal nature, and friends who are unwilling to accept personal services decline to cooperate.

UR website contact information

Phone: 0311-82065950

mobile phone number: 13931995587

Technical QQ: 853616368 (same number on WeChat )


Complaint email: (please provide a screenshot or recording of the conversation of the customer service staff if possible)

Scope of business: Mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia, Australia, European and American Chinese regions ( Note: Overseas Chinese customers try to use the Bank of China wire transfer business or apply for Alipay after applying for Alipay registration. We do not support PayPal account payment for the time being. )

Payment method: please click here to check UR website payment method >>

[Writing at the end]: The core technical team of UR has not changed, and the original intention of providing the best technical support at the best price has not changed. It is recommended that everyone collect or remember our website domain name: , this is UR The only official website of the website, do not trust any third-party website about any introduction of UR website.

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